After 2 years and 43 paintings the “New Consonances” series has come to an end. Between Prima Consonanza and Segovia (the first and last work in the collection, respectively) there have been numerous transformations and as is fortunately often the case the canvases have suggested new paths that deserve to be further explored.

The New Consonances have to be credited for reintroducing forms, structures and hues into my work that I had long since lost. A certain misty, intimistic atmosphere that characterized past years has found in the N.C. a way to reconnect with the noise of the world beyond the easel, and a sense of curiosity has undermined the nostalgic halos of the earlier paintings. This will be explored further, along with other aspects, in the future “Lost and Found” works.

The whole series can be seen here: New Consonances

Available works can be found here.