Francesco D'Adamo

If the painting is currently available, you can write an email (please include your geographic location) and you will get all the needed information.

Sure. Write an email indicating which work you are interested in and you will receive the requested details. You can also find high quality videos of many paintings here.

Some of the available paintings are featured on a non-exclusive basis on multiple online galleries. Each gallery offers its own conditions, promotions and user experience, which may also change depending on your geographical location. You are therefore invited to verify which one best suits your needs. Paintings, except where otherwise specified, are shipped from my studio.

Yes. You are encouraged to write an email to explain your request and discuss the details. Under the premise that requests to replicate an existing painting are never accepted.

For sure, the studio is located in San Giovanni in Persiceto, a few kilometers away from Bologna, Italy. Write an email to schedule your visit.

Up to certain sizes, paintings are shipped inside custom-made wooden crates to ensure their protection during transport. Only reliable couriers (DHL, UPS, TNT/Fedex) are used, and the shipment is insured for its full value. For large works (generally those whose short side is 120 cm. or more), the painting is instead shipped rolled up in a tube and then restretched at destination, it’s a safer and more cost-effective choice. Restretching the painting can be usually done by a framer, in most cases it is a fairly simple operation and I can help you in the whole process.

Unless otherwise specified, available paintings are not framed. It’s recommended to apply a frame after receiving the painting, both to have a wider choice and because frames make shipments larger, heavier and therefore more expensive.

However, for smaller works a frame can be applied prior to shipping. The same applies to paintings that will be collected directly from the studio. Write an email for more information on available options and costs.

Unfortunately, even the second edition of Decade is currently sold out. While waiting for it to be reprinted, you can check out the pdf version or email for a higher quality download.

Yes, if you have lost the certificate of authenticity of a painting you can request a new one by email. If the person making the request is not the known owner of the painting you will be asked for additional information, including a photo of the work’s current location.

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