Through the years Francesco D’Adamo has taken part in several musical projects. The most important of them is the band Nero di Marte, with the addition of the project Nono Cerchio and the recording of some solo works.

Nero di Marte

wc-4Nero di Marte live in Warsaw, Poland (2016) – Photo by Janek Fronczak.

“An opaque, intense black pigment derived by iron oxydes, in use in paintings since the beginning of the XX century. Its name originates from both the god Mars’s role in mythology and the influence the planet Mars had in the processing of iron according to alchemical tradition.”

Nero di Marte is an experimental/progressive metal band based in Bologna, Italy. Formerly known under the name Murder Therapy since 2007, the band released their debut album “Symmetry of Delirium” in 2009, which showed a very personal mix of modern dissonant metal. A more broadened approach to songwriting became audible in the 2011 self-released Ep “Molochian”, which marked a stylistical step forward towards more experimental and atmospheric compositions. The Ep gained international momentum and put the band on the radar in the underground metal scene.After some line-up changes, recording sessions for a new album took place throughout the summer of 2011 and was then mixed and mastered at Studio73 in Ravenna with producer Riccardo Pasini (Ephel Duath, The Secret, etc.) in November of the same year.

During the course of 2012 the band changed name to Nero di Marte, the name the album was originally given and subsequently signed to Prosthetic Records who released the album worldwide in mid-March 2013.

After their first North American and Canada tour with Gorguts and Origin, NDM returned once again to Studio73 in May/June 2014 to record their sophomore album, Derivae, to be released in late October 2014 on Prosthetic. Hypnotic, dark and tragic – Derivae is the culmination of 3 years of work and is by far the band’s most expansive and diverse effort to date.  After many shows in Italy promoting the new album, on March 2016 the band started a full european tour with Gorguts, Dysrhythmia and Psycroptic.

Nero di Marte is: Francesco D’Adamo (guitar), Sean Worrell (vocals, guitar), Andrea Burgio (bass), Giulio Galati (drums).


2008 – The Therapy (as “Murder Therapy”)
2009 – Symmetry of Delirium (as “Murder Therapy”) – Deity Down Records
2011 – Molochian (as “Murder Therapy”) – Self-produced

2013 – Nero di Marte, Prosthetic Records
2014 – Split MMXIV, with Void of Sleep, featuring the song “Finis Terrae”
2014 – Derivae, Prosthetic Records
2020 – Immoto, Season of Mist Records

2013 – Music video for “Time Dissolves”
2016 – Music video for “Those Who Leave”

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Nono Cerchio


The project begins in Bologna at the end of 2013 with Francesco D’Adamo (Nero di Marte), Andrea Burgio (Nero di Marte, Miotic) and Jonathan Sanfilippo (Caffè dei Treni Persi) giving life to an instrumental trio between progressive and postrock music, ambient atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes. During 2014 the band makes its first live appearings and writes its debut album Ombre. Recorded during February 2015 with Riccardo Pasini at the Studio73 (Nero di Marte, Ephel Duath, Void of Sleep, Storm{o}), it’s released on 9th November 2015.

Nono Cerchio is: Francesco D’Adamo (guitar), Andrea Burgio (bass), Jonathan Sanfilippo (drums).

Solo Projects