Francesco D'Adamo

“Lost objects, found objects, things to be lost, things to be found. Objects and subjects. People and memories and habits and places.
 A look into our times amidst drama and irony, somewhere between a diary and a collective experience.
And maybe much can be found, just by losing something.”

Presented in the second half of 2023, the Lost and Found series represents at first sight a visual fracture with previous production. And as much as the genesis can be traced to previous New Consonances, a certain intimate, solemn and nebulous atmosphere of earlier works is here overturned by noisy and restless images, at times extremely colorful and vivid, whose compositions often seem to delve into the everyday life, like a kind of collective diary, where thoughts on what is happening around us can be recorded, trying to preserve beloved things and taking note of those which need to be lost.

This page collects most of the Lost and Found works made on paper during 2023.