Nono Cerchio


The project begins in Bologna at the end of 2013 with Francesco D’Adamo (Nero di Marte), Andrea Burgio (Nero di Marte, Miotic) and Jonathan Sanfilippo (Caff√® dei Treni Persi) giving life to an instrumental trio between progressive and postrock music, ambient atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes. During 2014 the band makes its first live appearings and writes its debut album Ombre. Recorded during February 2015 with Riccardo Pasini at the Studio73 (Nero di Marte, Ephel Duath, Void of Sleep, Storm{o}), it’s released on 9th November 2015.

Nono Cerchio is: Francesco D’Adamo (guitar), Andrea Burgio (bass), Jonathan Sanfilippo (drums).